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Untitled by Susan Sanders

Untitled by Susan Saunders

Susan Sanders' etching depicts the Royal Academy etching studio, the circular shape on the left hand side is the wheel of the etching press. The print consists of a series of geometric shapes with a dramatic interplay of light, creating a contrast of tones. It is not clear, however, from which direction the light is coming. The use of brown as the only colour heightens the tonal effect as does the colour wash over the top of the bottom right section.

In the process of etching a metal plate is given a waxy coating which is then scratched into using a sharp instrument. Only the wax surface is removed. The plate is then placed in an acid bath, where the acid eats/etches into the exposed areas from which the wax has been removed. The extent of etching is dependent on the amount of time the plate spends in the bath.