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Wasp by Tacita Dean

Wasp by Tacita Dean 
Accession Code: wu0959
: Wasp
Date completed
: 2000
: Photograph
: C Type Print
Width (mm): 410
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Picture Store
Location Description:
Location Floor: 

© courtesy the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

In addition to her use of film, photography is a major part of Dean’s practice and still photographs feature prominently in many of her exhibitions and installations, frequently these go beyond the capturing of an image in order to suggest a record of an event. For the 'Bugs' commission Dean’s wasp is photographed on a rain-flecked car windscreen, just out of reach of the wipers. The almost monochrome scene beyond the window is blurred and diffused by the raindrops but the wasp stands out as a glowing point of colour.

The ten works which comprise 'Bugs – the Print Portfolio' were generously donated by the artists for publication by the Byam Shaw School of Art in London to use as a means of raising funds for post-graduate scholarships. The series was produced in 2000 in an edition of 90.