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Red, Yellow and Black by Terry Frost

 Red, Yellow and Black by Terry Frost
Accession Code: wu0765
Title: Red, Yellow and Black
Date completed: 1999
Medium: Print
Location Name: University House
Location Description: Executive Suite
Location Floor: 1

Terry Frost, born in Leamington Spa, came to painting later on in his life. Upon the outbreak of war Frost was enlisted for service and was captured as a prisoner of war. It was whilst imprisoned that Frost began painting in a makeshift art school.

On his return to Britain he continued his new interest in painting and later attended Camberwell College and soon became one of Britain's leading abstract painters.

This work is a lively mixture of sunlight and silhouettes. Rich oranges and yellows conjure up a Mediterranean atmosphere. The semi-circular shapes appear to float, boat like, in a sun drenched sea-scape. Here we can see Frost's enjoyment of balancing colours. He once said 'I love colour for itself'.