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Colour Connection by Tine Bech

Colour Connection by Tine Bech
Accession Code: WU1131
: Colour Connection
Date completed
: Sculpture

Width (mm):
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Outside
Location Description: University House
Location Floor: 

Colour Connection is a multi-faceted artwork that invites visitors to perceive themselves and the world through a spectrum of colours. This large-scale installation comprises transparent coloured glass panels and two-way mirrors, blending the brilliance and tactility of materials to create a social space for well-being and play.

Renowned for her adept play with colour, artist Tine Bech has designed a deconstructed rainbow, aiming to unite us in a collective positive experience where friends and inter-generations can converge and create.

The title was inspired in part, by the Covid pandemic, during the finalisation of the work for the University of Warwick Sculpture Park.

Tine Bech commented “In an era where shared outdoor spaces have gained heightened significance as communal meeting points, Colour Connection stands out as a testament to this need for connection”.