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The Fall of the Night by Tom Hunter

The Fall of the Night by Tom Hunter
Accession Code: WU1043
: The Fall of the Night
Date completed
: 2010
: Photograph
: C-Type Print
(mm): 510

Width (mm): 610
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Picture Store
Location Description:
Location Floor: 

Golder-Thompson Gift, dedicated to Rebecca Hicks and Nicola Shane.

This is one of a series of works called Unheralded Stories, which explore his local area of Hackney in east London. He uses the imagery of iconic paintings, to describe the local myths, covert struggles and secret dreams of its inhabitants. This work was loosely based on the painting ‘The Fall of the Rebel Angels’ by Luca Giordano. The background is important, the shop selling Persian rugs, signifies an Aladdin’s cave, where magic carpets take you on magical journeys and a light hearted joke, a shop sign with ‘Probably The Best Artwork in the World’.