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Large bottle by William Marshall

Large bottle by William Marshall

Presented by the Contemporary Art Society, 1992

In 1938, fifteen year old William Marshall became the first of the local apprentices to be employed at the St Ives Pottery. The Pottery had been founded by Bernard Leach in 1920 to introduce the standards and the styles of Chinese ceramics into the West while resuscitating English country pottery.

After the war, the Pottery produced both standard ware ranging in price from two shillings to three pounds and ten shillings. 'Individual pots' by Bernard and David Leach between ten shillings and ten pounds. Bill Marshall oversaw the production of the standard ware but as Bernard Leach aged, Bill also began to throw large vases to Bernard's designs.

This skill in throwing large pots is evident in this bottle which retains the simplicity of much of the St Ives Pottery.