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Faith in the Miraculous

The installation of a brand new artwork commission has begun, by the entrance to the Faculty of Arts Building. Artist/ceramicist Matthew Raw with the use of glazes, colour and hand cutting has transformed 105 of the ceramic tiles used on the exterior of the building. He has created a wall of vibrant colour, which will be installed over the next few days and will stand in contrast to the terracotta of the tiles used on the rest of the building.


Wed 15 Sep 2021, 12:07

New Art Activities Page

The Art Team have added some art activities that you can try out at home.

Tue 07 Apr 2020, 13:45

Online Resources for teaching

For those teachers and parents currently teaching at home, we have a section on this website called Themes. We have grouped together artworks under different art themes or topics. To explore a theme, just click on the box next to it and a series of images will come up below. If you click on one of these images a larger image will pop up with the option at the bottom to click on 'More info...'. If you decide to click on more information you will be able to read about the selected artwork. We hope this tool may prove useful in the days to come. If you click on the title above it will take you directly to the Themes page.

Wed 25 Mar 2020, 14:03

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