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Audio Sculpture Trail

Welcome to our audio sculpture trail.

We have recorded audio files for many of the sculptures on campus and have numbered them to match their numbers on the Sculpture Trail Map. You can use the map to find the sculpture you are interested in and then play the relevant recording. Feel free to download as many or as few as you like.

Please Note Sculpture Nos.1, 2 and 10 have been removed whilst exciting changes are being made to Warwick Arts Centre and will return in due course. Sculpture No.11 has moved to a new temporary home adjacent to No.16. Sculpture No.18 has been damaged and removed for repair.

For those who don't want to download, or don't have the equipment to do so, MP3 players with headphones can be loaned from the Box Office on the ground floor of Warwick Arts Centre. We have also purchased equipment to allow five people to use the same MP3 player so you can go round as a group and all hear the same recording at the same time. If you wish to borrow equipment you will need to leave a £20 refundable cash deposit with the Box Office which will be returned to you on return of the equipment.

Download 1. Op Mobile No. 10 by Nechemia Azaz

Download 2. Variations on a Braided Rope by Keir Smith

Download 3. Around Zero by Michael Stallard

Download 4. Dark at Heart and 12. Flayed Stone III by Peter Randall-Page

Download 5. Grown in the Field by Avtarjeet Dhanjal

Download 6. Needle of Knowledge Obelisk by Stefan Knapp

Download 7. Days of Judgement (Cat 1) by Laura Ford

Download 8. Let's Not be Stupid by Richard Deacon

Download 9. 3b Series 1 by Bernard Schottlander

Download 10. Slab and Bar Relief by Geoffrey Clarke

Download 11. White Koan by Liliane Lijn

Download 12. Forest Planet Series by Atsuo Okamoto

Download 13. Flayed Stone III by Peter Randall-Page

Download 14. Untitled (Variation I) by Allen Jones

Download 15. Global Oracle by Alec Finlay

Download 16. The Architect by Paul Mount

Download 17. Habitat by David Nash

Download 18. Wind Sculpture by Paul Mount

If you do decide to try our Audio Sculpture Tail we would love to know how you get on. Any comments - positive and negative - or questions about the trail can be sent to or alternatively call the Art Collection Office on 024 7652 4731.