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Topscore Reaches For Perfection

Dr Mike Chappell, of the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick has created an innovative computerised scoring and display control system, developed specifically for the rhythmic and artistic gymnastics market. Aptly named ’Topscore’, this system provides a unique benefit to the manual paper system normally adopted for the scoring of these important competitions.

Some of the more individual benefits of ’Topscore’ includes; the generation of competition working orders and the control of access to the performance arena -complete with warning systems. The scoreboard also controls of timing for orientation and performance and produces statistics of individual gymnasts, clubs, judges and for monthly / annual reports, to name a few. 

’Topscore’ works by simple communication device keypads linked to the scoreboard via laptop computers. Each judge inputs their score onto their personal keypad and the score is then transmitted to the main laptop computer. The scorer may then confirm and transfer the score onto the scoreboard. Visibility is also not a problem, it is approximately 50 metres enabling all spectators to view the scores immediately after the performance.

’Topscore’ has already produced significant benefits to some of the most prestigious competitions within the West Midlands and for the Commonwealth. Topscore is increasingly gained interest from some of the most influencial individuals in the business. Amanda Scriven, West Midlands Regional Development Officer, British Gymnastics states, "Topscore provides easy input for judges and provides a great improvement upon the manual paper system."

For further information on Topscore and how it may help you, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Mike Chappell on Tel: 02476 524309 or alternatively Further information may also be found at