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Streamline, 34th in Sunday Times Top Tech Track 100

Warwick, UK September 26th 2005. Concurrent Thinking Ltd, through its trading divisions of Streamline Computing and Allinea Software, is honoured to announce that it has been included in The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 ( companies published in The Sunday Times on September, 25th. The prestigious league table recognizes the fastest growing technology companies and underlines the track record of Streamline as the leading supplier of High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions within the UK. Streamline Computing customers include major government research and academic organizations as well as leading industrial bodies. This award is testament to the diligence and skill of the staff and the commitment and trust of our customers.

The wider accessibility to HPC and its routine application is being recognized as providing a significant increase in scientific and engineering capability, essential to the well-being of economies and protection of its citizens. This is now underlined by a number of national initiatives burgeoning throughout the world aimed at not only continued development but also a wider education of "what HPC can do for you".

Wider availability of HPC has been fuelled by the rapid rise in the price performance competitiveness of ostensibly home PC technology and the ability to integrate these components into 'clusters' to form centralized mainframes and supercomputers, as well as the ability to harness distributed resources into HPC Grids via the world-wide-web and internet. Such accessibility to computing power is now routinely used in the deployment of diverse applications, such as: the design of drug therapies through the better understanding of biological systems at the level of the atom; a deeper understanding of the nature of the universe and its formation; improvements in vehicle design leading to safer and more efficient transport; as well as providing significant amounts of information on climatic conditions and importantly, storm prediction.

"Streamline's business focuses on increasing the acceptance of commodity technologies and their application to HPC by hiding the complexity involved in integration of these technologies" says Dr Richard Groves, Chief Operating Officer of Streamline. "We have invested in a strong workforce and this award is testament to the application of their skills in allowing the business to scale so rapidly?

"We are now seeing the adoption of HPC solutions in organizations that hitherto could not afford, or have the skills, to deploy such supercomputing capability. At Streamline we are continuing to invest in R&D to increase our competitiveness and to deliver solutions that can tackle large scale problem-solving environments" added Dr John Taylor, CTO.

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