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The Agilent Bioanalyzer provides quality and size assessment for DNA and RNA as well as quantification information. The microfluidic, electrophoresis system needs minimal sample (usually 1ul) to carry out assays. The Agilent 2100 Expert Software allows data to be reported in multiple formats including .pdf and excel.


The Bioanalyzer can be used to assess the size and quality of DNA over a range of sizes and concentrations. The DNA 1000 assay can be used with extracted, clean DNA to look at the size profile of a sample from 25bp to 1000bp at a concentration of 0.1-50ng/ul. The High Sensitivity assay can be used to look at DNA in the size range 50-7000bp and a concentration range of 5-500pg/ul.

The quality of extracted RNA can be assessed to provide a RNA integrity number (RIN) and quantification information is also given. Two assays are available depending on the sample concentration; Nano (5-500ng/ul) or Pico (50-5000pg/ul).

cogsHow does it work?

Each sample is loaded on to a microfluidic chip along with reagents and standards. Each chip contains an interconnected set of microfluidic channels that are used for separation of the nucleic acid fragments by size using electrophoresis. The fragments will move through the channels at different speeds dependent on their size and charge with smaller fragments moving more quickly than longer fragments.

Sample Requirements

1.2ul aliquots of your samples at the concentration specific to the assay required. Please use ultra-pure water for any dilutions.

Complementary Techniques

DNA Library Prep, RNA-TruSeq Library Prep, DNA Sequencing – MiSeq.



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