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FACS Aria Fusion Cell Sorter

The FACS Aria Fusion Cell Sorter is a flow cytometer that rapidly sorts cells for subsequent analysis. Cells can be sorted via distinct parameters such as their relative size, relative complexity and fluorochromes bound on or in the cells. The instrument has the capability to sort up to four separate populations as well as single cell sorting into 96 well plates. The instrument is located in a biosafety cabinet.


A non-exhaustive list of applications include viability and cell performance in recombinant fermentations, cell growth under different culture conditions, characterisation of heterogeneous populations from the environment, characterisation of production cell lines with respect to product content and other cellular properties, immune response, cell cycle analysis, bacterial analysis and gene expression.

cogsHow does it work?

Cells are suspended in a liquid and injected into the instrument. The cells are focused one cell at a time through a flow cell. A laser beam passes through the flow cell intercepting the cells and scattering/absorbing light. The data generated from scattered and emitted light can be plotted and distinct populations can be identified and selected for sorting. As the stream leaves the flow cell, the stream breaks into droplets encasing individual cells. The droplets that contain the population of interest are then charged and deflected into the collection device.

Sample handling requirements:

Cells should be prepared at a concentration of 1 x 105 cells/ml. Cells need to be pre-filtered through a 50µm filter immediately before sorting.

Separate tubes of a negative control and single stained cells are required for set up

Cells can be sorted into 5ml Eppendorf tubes, 5 ml FACS tubes or 15 ml Falcon tubes containing medium, serum, lysis buffer or Trizol

Category 2 pathogens can only be processed if they are fixed before hand.

Instrument configuration:

5 lasers: 355nm UV, 405nm Violet, 488nm Blue, 561nm Yellow Green and 640nm Red

18 Parameters

4 nozzle sizes: 70 µm, 85 µm, 100 µm and 130 µm.

Aerosol management system

Temperature control system for sorted cells.

Complementary techniques:


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