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High Throughput Liquid Handling Robots

Tecan Freedom EVO 200

The Tecan Freedom EVO 200 is a robotic platform that can be used for high-throughput liquid handling applications. The integration of a range of devices opens up the possibility for a range of applications. At Warwick, the peripheral devices include a plate reader, barcode reader, incubators, colony picker, vacuum filtration device and thermocycler. Automation is essential to the future of biology; enabling us to do more in less time, run processes unattended, run protocols with smaller volumes, improve experimental reproducibility, reduce reagent consumption and increase accuracy and precision.


Any bench-top liquid handling protocol that requires high-throughput could potentially be integrated onto the robotic platform.

Currently, the platforms have been used for transformations, multi-reported plant protoplast assays, yeast two hybrid screens, PCR, plate replication, DNA extractions, colony picking, culture inoculation – growth – analysis, cell based assays and viability assays, screening of an essential drug target and phenotype microarrays for microbial cells.

Other possibilities include minipreps, PCR purification, culture inoculation, heat shock transformation, DNA ligation, combinatorial assembly and restriction enzyme digests.

cogsHow does it work?

We have two robotic platforms, 2 m in length, each with 3 robotic arms – two pipetting arms and a robotic gripper arm for moving labware around the deck. Each platform is integrated with a number of peripheral devices. The process, workflow and data capture is controlled with the programming software, Freedom Evoware.

Sample handling requirements:

Pipetting range – LiHa – 0.5 µl to 1 ml, MCA – 10 µl to 200 µl

Incubators limited to height of a standard 96 multi-well plate, 12 possible slots, temperature range RT+5°C to 60°C with shaking

Requires specific conductivity tips

Category 2 pathogens can only be processed if they are fixed before hand.

Instrument configuration:

Two 2 m robotic platforms, both of which have:

8-channel liquid handling arm (LiHa), 96 multichannel arm (MCA), Robotic manipulator arm (RoMa)

Storage carousel (200 plates) and holders for reagents and multi-well plates

Shaking, heating and cooling plate, vacuum filtration system, incubators and barcode reader

TRobot Thermocycler

Tecan Infinite 200 Pro plate reader – covers all wavelengths for absorbance, fluorescence and illuminescence

Complementary techniques:

Robot Fermentation Platform


Dr Ian Hancox, 024 76 150 380

email i dot hancox at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Dr Sarah Bennett, 024 76 523927

email S dot Bennett dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk.

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