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Steady State Sun Simulator (SUSI) – Solar Cell Testing

A large area (3.2m2) continuous solar simulator allows evaluation of the performance and detailed characterization of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. The angle of the assembly can be varied from horizontal to vertical in order to investigate the effect of natural convection within thermal collectors.

cogsHow does it work?

To measure the output performance of solar thermal collectors (efficiency curves) and photovoltaic modules (I-V curves) independent of weather conditions a device which provided a continuous source of photons is required.

There are two principle possibilities for producing simulated sunlight, either flashing lights or steady-state sun simulators.

The simulators have a number of advantages over flashing lights being of rugged, reliable construction, possessing controllable, stable and programmable lighting conditions, and integral data acquisition devices.


Solar Cells; solar cell electrical performance; solar cell longevity test

Sample handling requirements:

Maximum solar test area of 1.4m x 2.3m, Test cell fully ready for testing with integral electrical 'hookup' available.

Complementary techniques:

I-V testing rig

Warwick Capability:

3.2m2 IMT Solar SUSI


Dr Ian Hancox, 024 76 150380 email i dot hancox at warwick dot ac dot uk

Solar Simulator Equipment

Typical results format, and sample:

Solar Cell Testing Array

Sun Simulator Equipment

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