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2019 General Election



· CON 364 seats: Labour 203 seats (326 seats need to win a majority)

· This means the Conservatives win their biggest majority since 1987 (currently a majority of 78; but at the time of writing St Ives is yet to declare)

· Labour lost 59 seats nationally; Jeremy Corbyn has pledged not to lead the party into the next General Election

· Lib Dems failed to make gains nationally and hold only 11 seats; Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson lost her seat

· SNP take a total of 48 seats in Scotland, which leader Nicola Sturgeon says gives a renewed mandate for Scottish independence


What happened locally?


· As for local politics, the areas around the University remain red, but in many cases only just:

o Warwick and Leamington held by Labour (Matt Western, majority 789)

o Cov North West held by Labour (Taiwo Owatemi, majority 208)

o Cov South held by Labour (Zarah Sultana, majority 401)

o Cov North East held by Labour (Colleen Fletcher, majority (7,692)


What happens next?


· Don’t expect any big movements in cabinet, aside from filling roles vacated by the likes of Nicky Morgan and Zac Goldsmith (who lost his seat last night)

· The Government’s immediate plan is to “get Brexit done” and push the Brexit Bill through parliament ASAP; expect the first reading to be done before Christmas

· We will be leaving the EU in just 7 weeks’ time

· After this point, we could see a dramatic cabinet reshuffle


Sat 14 Dec 2019, 09:00