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Security and Information Management

16 Jun 2020

Privacy notices

An important aspect of complying with data protection legislation is the requirement to process data fairly and lawfully. For the processing to be fair, we must provide data subjects with accessible information about how their personal data will be used. We do this through the following Privacy notices.

10 Jun 2020

Personal data

We are committed to protecting the privacy rights of individuals who entrust the University with their data. The Data Protection Policy outlines the University's commitment to transparency, accountability and promoting good information governance.

Contact the Data Protection Officer
Email: dpo at warwick dot ac dot uk
Post: The Data Protection Officer
The University of Warwick
University House
Coventry CV4 8UW

01 Jun 2020


We have a comprehensive Information Management Policy Framework which provides the structure for a series of detailed policies for information management, governance and security at the University of Warwick. This framework of policies applies to everyone who has a contractual relationship with the University. Find out more from individual summaries and access our full policy documents.

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