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Student Funding Support

Student Funding Support

Student Funding Support

Student Finance Team

Worried about finances? Student Funding Support are here to help

Student Budget Calculator

The Warwick Student Budget Calclulator can help you to keep track of your finances and get an idea of how your budget is going to shape up over the year. Available online or as a free app to download, give the calculator a try to get on top of your money!

Budgeting Tips:

  • Take the time to budget properly
  • Be honest and realistic about your spending habits
  • Keep your budget up-to-date



HMRC scams are making the rounds. Check out the below links for examples of how scammers are targetting individuals and guidance on genuine HMRC contact.

If you are ever unsure, end the call/ don't reply or open any text/email attachments. Then contact HMRC directly to check out the situation.

For more information about scams and fraud, you can also check out our webpage NSMW23- Financial WellbeingLink opens in a new window.