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Interdisciplinarity Hub

Interdisciplinarity Hub


Interdisciplinarity is the combining of methods and insights of two or more academic disciplines into the pursuit of a common task, such as a research project. It is typically characterised by the crossing of ‘traditional boundaries’ between academic disciplines or schools of thought to address new and emerging issues.

At Warwick every student has an opportunity to engage with Interdisciplinarity, whether that's through an interdisciplinary module, research project, or society activity. There are so many ways to create a unique learning experience beyond the boundaries of your degree. Check out the 3 steps to get started with Interdisciplinarity. Chances are, you might be doing it already!

What is Interdisciplinarity at Warwick?

Interdisciplinarity is Learning Beyond Boundaries

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Our students say

"Interdisciplinarity is merging aspects of traditional subjects to study something new."