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Mirza Faisal Baig

I am a Research Fellow in the Fluid dynamics Resaerch Centre at School of Engineering, U of Warwick.


  • B.Sc Engg. Mechanical, AMU, Aligarh, India

  • M.Eng, Aeronautical, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

  • PhD, Aeronautics, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK in 2003.


  • Incompressible near-wall turbulent flows

  • Free and forced turbulent convection

  • Rotating convection

  • Rotating magneto-convection

  • Convection in rotating spherical shells

  • Compressible flows based on classical HLLC as well as novel particle velocity upwinding techniques.


Currently I am investigating evolutionary generation of streaks using a linearised Navier-stokes solver based on vorticity-velocity formulation. The aim is to ascertain the physical mechanism responsible for generation of streaks so that they can be manipulated to bring about significant turbulent drag reduction using either spanwise wall-oscillations or spanwise oscillatory waves or spanwise waves travelling in streamwise direction.

The primary and secondary factors that affect the linearised streak modelling can lead to a fundamental understanding of self-sustenance mechanism of near-wall turbulence and the model in turn can be controlled using global open-loop technique to bring about significant drag reduction especially at Reynolds numbers corresponding to cruise flight conditions.



Faisal Baig

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