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Paul Bagley - ePortfolio


I joined the University of Warwick in December 2006 as an Assistant Research Fellow, supporting the work of the NHS Centre for Involvement's Evidence for Practice Domain. My research interests include conceptualising the impact of learning on Patient and Public Involvement. Previously I won an individual adult learner of the year award in 2005 with the NHS University for my first class honours degree in Social Welfare at Worcester University and accompanying community work supporting the training of the Worcestershire Association of Service Users.

Department: NHS Centre for Involvement (NCI)

Research Interests: My research interests encompasses the following areas...

Research into Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) - in particular: -

  • Strategies
  • Baseline assessments
  • Evaluations and impacts of learning
  • Methods of Engagement
  • Training and support for PPI learning
  • Resources and toolkits for PPI
  • Emancipatory research paradigms led by service users
  • Short term outcomes of PPI
  • Long term impacts of PPI on patients, staff, and the organisation

Current Research: I am involved in the following research and development projects: -

  • Piloting the first Annual Census on the State of Patient and Public Involvement in English NHS Trusts
  • A national survey of the learning needs for patient-citizens
  • A scoping exercise of PPI in NHS Trusts in England
  • Establishment of PPI learning samples following workshops and conferences held by the NCI
  • Monitoring and facilitation of research enquiries
  • Establishing and maintaining case studies of PPI impacts obtained from research projects
  • Mapping the supply of accredited PPI learning across England
  • Collecting learning samples of PPI non accredited learning
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