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Step 1: Your Profile

A brief overview about you and your research should be easily accessible for potential collaborators, employers, those interested in your research etc.

Your profile will be the first thing that visitors to your ePortfolio will see. It's therefore important to consider carefully how to make it:

Your profile will naturally grow as your ePortfolio develops and you add more content.

  • Engaging (even to non-academics)
  • Informative yet brief and introductory
  • A 'gateway' to the rest of the content on your ePortfolio

To ensure the quality of what you publish, take a look at the editing support referring to content we provide. Start by getting the following information across on the front page:

Email Address

Use your Warwick email address as a point of contact and make sure you check it regularly. To put your email address online type the following into the sitebuilder editor:


[ email ][ /email ] (omitting spaces within the square brackets)

Profile Photo

Your profile photo should be roughly 160px
by 200px (the size of this box) and goes in the 'right content' section of your ePortfolio's front-page.

Add a profile photo of yourself. Your photo should be of good likeness or you may cause some confusion. A head and shoulders shot with you smiling will work best. The photo you choose may need chopping and resizing. Use a photo editing package to do this - if you're unsure how, ask a friend or colleague who may be able to help you.

To publish your photo you must upload and then insert your image in sitebuilder.

Good Examples