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Photo Upload Form

An easy way to make your ePortfolio look professional, while also humanising it, is to put a picture of yourself on the front page.

All you need to do is email us any photograph which has you on it - we will do the rest.

Send your picture, with your name, to

If you don't have a suitable photo that you can send us, give us an email and we can make alternative arrangements.

If you know what you are doing, you are welcome to sort out your picture for yourself. You need to upload a photo of the required size and type to your eportfolio.

Requirements for your photo

Your photo should be:

  1. Approx. 110px (pixels) wide;
  2. In the .jpg format, with the filename me.jpg

If you have a photo of this type, you can upload it by clicking on this link and following the instructions:

Upload a new photo