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Front Page Form

This Quick Start Form will automatically create the front page of your ePortfolio.

This form is just to make the first step of developing your ePortfolio quick - afterwards, you can easily make changes, add more information, change headings etc. Compulsory questions are marked (*)

1) Name of your home department: (e.g. Philosophy)

1b) Second department: (if applicable)

2) Select the date that you started your PhD:
I started my PhD in

3) Write a few sentences to introduce yourself: (for example: where you are from, previous studies, interesting facts, significant achievements, what you hope to achieve, why you are studying)

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4) Supervisor's name: (*)

4b) Second supervisor: (if applicable)

5) Your research topic: (e.g. The three-second rule in contemporary literature)

6) Write a few sentences about your research: (for example: what is it about, what you hope to achieve, who do you work with)

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7) Your research group: (if applicable, e.g. Space and Astrophysics)

8) Your funding source: (e.g. EPSRC, self-funded, etc.)

Note: If you fill in this form more than once, any previous editing on your front page will be replaced.

If your ePortfolio is part of your department's webpages, this form will not work. You should use the appropriate form listed here: