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How To Guides

The ePortfolios team have written a series of 'how to' guides that will take you through some key tasks step-by-step. The currently available guides are:

Accessing your ePortfolio

Now you've got an ePortfolio, this guide will show you how to get to it and start editing!

Accessing the hidden pages in your ePortfolio

There's more to your ePortfolio than the front page - this guide helps you find your hidden pages to view and edit.

Unhiding the hidden pages in your ePortfolio

Once you've developed a hidden page, you'll want to reveal it to the world - this guide will show you how.

Uploading your photo - Students ; Staff

Your ePortfolio will look much more professional after you've replaced the silhouette with a photo of yourself - get a photo, then use this guide to put it up.

Inserting pictures

Got some pictures relating to your work? Find out here how to put them up onto your ePortfolio. You might also like to take a look the advanced features page.

Controling access to your subpages

Want to change who can view some of your pages? Maybe you'd like to set a particular subpage just for you and your research group? Changing permissions on your pages is demonstrated here.

Changing your ePortfolio title

Prefer a different title for your main page, or one of your subpages? This guide will help you to change it.

Building your bibliography page

You can use your ePortfolio to keep a record of the books you've read, or intend to read, during your research - find out here how to make a start.

Other help?

You might like to look at the Sitebuilder FAQs page, where more guides can be found on all aspects of using Sitebuilder.

If you'd like to ask a question, leave a message on the ePortfolio support forum, or email

As you will be using SiteBuilder to edit your ePortfolio, you are also welcome to use the Sitebuilder support web site and forum.