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Accessibility Audits

To ensure that our web applications are accessible, we regularly test them with automated and semi-automated audit tools such as Lighthouse and Siteimprove's accessibility checker. We have an infrastructure in place to fully automate the process of checking commonly accessed, publicly visible pages every time they are edited.

We are aware of a number of false positives which arise when ID7/Sitebuilder pages are tested using Siteimprove. Many of these issues have been shared with Siteimprove - we have worked around some issues and others are scheduled to be fixed as part of an update to Siteimprove's accessibility engine.

Outstanding issues reported by Siteimprove

These are correct as of November 2019.

"Field label is not visible"

Part of the ID7 template includes a search box in the top right of the page. We use a <label> which appears above the search input when clicked/focussed. SiteImprove is correct that the element is not visible when the field isn't focussed, but we have an alternative label inside the textbox (implemented via the placeholder and aria-label attributes) so we are confident that this issue does not adversely affect our WCAG 2.0 compliance.

Calendar page types

We have flagged with SiteImprove a false positive we are getting with our web site. This is caused by HTML elements which are filled dynamically but which are styled as display:none when empty are reported as accessibility issues. As above we hope the next version of Siteimprove will be able to detect when an element is hidden.

The latest version of Wave

The new version of Wave chrome extension is reporting several false-positive contrast issues. These are where it has tested foreground and background colours but picked up incorrect background colours. We've spotted this in some areas of our template usage* and it may be happening on various web pages.
*Our ref no. ID-346.