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Campus Maps

The interactive map includes both a campus overview and floor plans of all our buildings.
To find your way around, use the map search to locate any building. You can use this to search for buildings, facilities and rooms.

To reveal the floor plans of a building, click on the building itself, and this will bring up more information about the building and a menu. Use the "Go inside" option from the menu to show the floor plans if available.

Choose the option "Get direction to" to get directions from any point on campus to any other point. Other options include to "Share location", "Visit website", to "Send Feedback" and to "Close" the menu.

Interactive Map controls: To zoom in or out of the map, use the mouse or the and at the bottom of the map. Use the to access the Directory, the for directions, and the to leave feedback. resets your options.

You can download maps of the campus below the interactive map to help you find your way around.

Download a map

We have web-optimized PDF versions of our campus map available for download, each showing a different area of the University. Click below for full maps: