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Volunteering Expenses

We want to make sure that you are never out of pocket as a result of volunteering
Volunteering for Community Organisations

If you are volunteering for a community organisation, please ask them for details of their expenses policy and how to claim expenses from them.

Volunteering for Warwick Volunteers' activities
If you are volunteering for an activity organised by Warwick Volunteers, then we will happily reimburse all reasonable expenses.

You must get prior authorisation from the Warwick Volunteers Staff team for any expenses that you will incur as a result of volunteering, with the exception of public transport costs within the Coventry and Leamington area, or it will not be possible to reimburse you.

You need to provide your bus tickets, receipts or a screen shot of the transaction on your phone in order to make your claim. It is not possible under any circumstances to reimburse expenses without a receipt.

There is a time limit for expenses claims to be made. We encourage volunteers to claim expenses in one or two blocks each term to reduce the paperwork that needs to be processed. However, claims cannot be back-dated indefinitely. The deadline for claiming expenses incurred is at the end of each term.

Expenses Policy

How to claim expenses

  1. Complete an expenses form. Download an expenses form.
  2. Email the completed claim form together with scanned copies of your receipts to 
  3. The Students' Union Finance Office will process your claim and you will be paid the expenses by bank transfer in 7-10 days.
See an example expenses form