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Ways to provide feedback

Anonymous Feedback Form: Complete this form if you have any feedback regarding your volunteering or the service Warwick Volunteers provides.

Got a specific query and need a response? Email us at

Complaints form: This form is for written complaints and should be used if you wish to claim that:

  • the services delivered to you by Warwick Volunteers is unsatisfactory
  • a member of staff responsible for delivering the service did not act appropriately
  • a Warwick Volunteers policy is wrong or unfair.

The Annual Volunteering Survey is conducted at the end of Term 2. The survey is divided in two; one for those who have actively volunteered during the academic year, and one for Warwick Volunteers members who have not volunteered. This is a detailed survey that may take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Annual Survey Report 2016-17 members who have volunteered this year

Annual Survey Report 2016-17 members who have not volunteered through WV this year

All surveys are anonymous, so if you'd like a direct response to any matter that you raise, please visit the office or email us at 

You said, we did

Here are some examples of how changes have been implemented as a result of feedback from volunteers.

You said...

You would like more one-off, low commitment volunteering opportunities and more opportunities to work with children.

We did...

We provided 37 one-off volunteering projects through-out the academic year 2015-16.

Many of the projects were working with children such as Harry Potter Week, Canley Big Lunch and an International Day.

You said...

Increase publicity of volunteering.

We did

The Exec launched a new WV Blog and have visited projects so you can find out about the variety of volunteering opportunities. We created a WV Instagram account and have increased our reach on Facebook.

We launched a new website in October 2015.

You said...

You would like more interactive activities in training sessions.

We did...

We provided interactive Online Safeguarding training.

All trainers were asked to review sessions to ensure they were interactive and include practical scenarios and group discussions.

You said...

That there was too much administration (e.g. DBS checks, training and meetings)

We did...

We have worked to improve the DBS process. Volunteers can now take their documents to Student Reception, instead of booking an appointment and we took your concerns to the DBS group and checks now last 2 years instead of 1. If you've joined the Update Service it could last for the duration of your degree.

We moved to an online DBS application service so checks are processed quicker (Almost 80% of all DBS applications are returned from the DBS in less than 10 days, with almost 40% within 2 days) so you can start your volunteering sooner. We have provided online Safeguarding training so you can complete it at your own convenience

You said...

You would like volunteering suitably recognised by the university.

We did...

We created the WV Certificate for 20 or more hours of volunteering. The receipt of the certificate is recorded on Undergraduates' Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR).

WV Awards - Community partners, volunteers, Project Leaders and staff can nominate a volunteer for an award for their outstanding contribution, these are presented at our annual Celebration Event.

Our Student Exec have also created the Volunteer of the Week recognition. The winners are announced in our weekly newsletter.

OSCAS - Warwick Outstanding Student Contribution Award (OSCA) aims to recognise students who are graduating and have made a contribution outside of their studies.