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Ways to provide feedback

Anonymous Feedback Form: Complete this form if you have any feedback regarding your volunteering or the service Warwick Volunteers provides.

Got a specific query and need a response? Email us at

Complaints form: This form is for written complaints and should be used if you wish to claim that:

  • the services delivered to you by Warwick Volunteers is unsatisfactory
  • a member of staff responsible for delivering the service did not act appropriately
  • a Warwick Volunteers policy is wrong or unfair.

The Annual Volunteering Survey is conducted at the end of Term 2. The survey is divided in two; one for those who have actively volunteered during the academic year, and one for Warwick Volunteers members who have not volunteered. This is a detailed survey that may take 10-15 minutes to complete.

All surveys are anonymous, so if you'd like a direct response to any matter that you raise, please visit the office or email us at