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Self Logged Hours

Volunteers can self log their volunteering hours via the volunteering Portal Log Hours page, using the following guidance:

Logging hours for a role advertised on the Volunteering Portal

Make sure you have registered with your chosen volunteering role. All activities you are registered for will be listed under Community Projects. Please log your hours under this section where possible to support your project's administration and management.

Logging hours for an activity that is not advertised on the Volunteering Portal

To log volunteering hours not connected to a role advertised on the Portal, please click on the Add Community Project button. Self-logged volunteering hours must be a verifiable Warwick Volunteers opportunity, meaning they must have been advertised in the WV newsletter, on the WV website, or directly communicated to you by a WV staff member.

Examples of activities that cannot be logged as volunteering hours on the WV Portal are:

  • Roles undertaken as part of a Warwick SU club / society (except where expressly approved by a WV staff member)
  • Course related volunteering e.g. Course rep, SSLC, volunteering as part of course-acredited requirements
  • Fundraising-only roles: Where this was an activity promoted or supported by RAG, please reach out to the RAG team directly as they have alternative forms of recognition for these activities
  • Political or Religious proselytising or campaigning.

Hours logs are subject to audit and hours that do not qualify under this guidance may be removed without notice.

If you are not sure whether the hours you wish to log qualify, or you'd like to discuss the specifics of your volunteering activity, please email where we'd be happy to advise. How to log hours videoLink opens in a new window