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Student Story: Hannah Amir

What volunteering were you involved in?

I volunteered for Crafting Happiness where every week we would have a relaxing arts and crafts session either by writing letters to care homes, decorating festive cards and much more.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

I decided to volunteer because I wanted to have a productive term which has been relatively demotivating especially since uni has gone fully online. I thought that at least to curb this loneliness, I could just volunteer virtually and meet new people who share similar interests and passion as me.

What did you gain/learn from volunteering?

I definitely feel a sense of commitment and time-management as these volunteering activities are weekly. This differed from my first year experience because I only signed up in one-off volunteering activities. But, I was surprised to the commitment flexibility in the project I joined in my second year as it does not feel like an added burden to my academic schedule. Crafting Happiness especially helped me in improving my arts and crafts skills in an almost stress-relieving way.

What have been the highlights of your volunteering experience?

I'd say definitely having the opportunity to put a smile on other people's faces and just being a part of their day, especially those who are vulnerable and often isolated in this pandemic. It certainly is a fulfilling experience of being able to write or even send cards to people.

Do you think your volunteering has had an impact on your career?

Personally, I feel like volunteering made me work on my people skills especially for projects that I joined before the pandemic. I got to meet and interact with other students and even the local communities in Coventry. It's also always a plus to have any form of volunteering activity on your CV as it showcases a well-rounded character which definitely pushed me to volunteer more.

Do you think volunteering has had an impact on your wellbeing?

Volunteering helped me throughout this pandemic tremendously. As an international student, I'm miles and miles away from my family and it does get lonely occasionally. Volunteering gives me something to look forward to every week and it's always great to enjoy the company of other students.

What advice would you give to students who want to get involved?

I'd say to definitely go for it and explore the volunteering projects available that suits you best. I remember feeling overwhelmed back in my first year when I attended the volunteering fair, but it really opened my eyes to the variety of opportunities that Warwick Volunteers offers to students. Volunteering has given me wonderful memories and introduced me to students all over the university whilst giving back to the community. All in all, it has been a fulfilling experience.

Name: Hannah Amir

Year of study: 2nd Year

Subject of study: Accounting and Finance

Hannah Amir