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Student Story: Haoxuan Yuan

What volunteering were you involved in?

I took charge of promoting the healthcare online platform in local communities. I also participated in some one-off volunteering activities.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

Firstly, as it's my first time to study abroad, I took volunteering as a good approach to access local life and interact with local people so that I can adapt to the new culture more quickly. Secondly, I really need opportunities to practice my oral English. And volunteering is a good way to communicate with other students in English. Most importantly, I always feel like I can contribute something to other people after volunteering. So volunteering is important for my mental health.

What did you gain from volunteering?

I improved my English skills and adaption ability because of volunteering. As well, I feel that my communication skills are improved especially when dealing with the people I never met.

Do you think volunteering has had an impact on your career?

I think the volunteering experience is helpful to enhance my CV. Most importantly, I improved a lot of abilities especially communication skills, which are vital to finding a job.

Do you think volunteering has had an impact on your wellbeing?

Yes, volunteering helps me to increase my sense of self-identity as every time I completed a volunteering activity, I felt like I can make a contribution to the world. Besides, volunteering is a good way to release the pressure I got from academic education.

What advice would you give to students who want to get involved?

Volunteering is really helpful for international students, especially postgraduate students who only have one year, to adapt to the new environment and culture quickly as well as release yourself from loads of academic work. Overall, volunteering will absolutely enrich your international education experience.

Name: Haoxuan Yuan

Year of study: 1 Year Postgraduate Course

Subject of study: e-Business Management

Haoxuan Yuan