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Student Volunteering Week 2017: Thank you to our volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who got involved in Student Volunteering Week 2017 in Week7! We met many new volunteers and were happy to work again with our regular volunteers.

In addition to volunteering with their regular activities, Warwick student volunteers have:

  • run activities for children at the first session of the Canley Pop-up Cafe in the Canley Community Centre;
  • heard from inspiring career stories in the third sector at our Exec's mini-speaker event;
  • helped give a fresh coat of pain on three floors in a YMCA accommodation for young people;
  • helped rejuvenate a woodland pathway, by cutting back the invasive Laurel shrub and making the path way easier for people to walk along with Friends of Canley Green Spaces;
  • designed Thank you cards and created packs with Crafts in Hospital to send to patients in Coventry Hospital for them to make;
  • took care of dogs at the Dogs Trust;
  • invited Kenilworth Phab on campus and joined them for a day of crafts, chemistry experiments, magic and dance with Warwick Chemsoc, Warwick Magic and Warwick Cheerleading;
  • celebrated the volunteers involvement in Student Volunteering Week with pizzas and games.

Students have also volunteered on their regular projects in the local community!

Congratulations to Eric Shen, who won our #Shareyourexperience Competition!

Click here to read his and the other entries.

What students said:

It was very nice meeting people and learning how to work as a team.

Great to have an afternoon out/with others.
I think I got a lot of exercise!
It enhanced my ability to try something new.

Thank you for the hard work, support and creativity that all of you put up to make the first event successful.

Nor Aziz, Canley Connections, Canley Pop-Up Cafe

I've been amazed at the number of students who've volunteered during Student Volunteering Week, every activity was full to capacity - well done everyone, I hope you have enjoyed getting involved! Thank you to all the students who dedicate their time to the local community.

Helen Blunt, Manager, Warwick Volunteers