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Why Volunteer?

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is essentially giving your time freely to participate in activities which benefit others.

Why get involved in volunteering?


Get involved with communities around campus you usually wouldn't have a chance to meet.
Efforts being appreciated by local community is the best thing I gained from these voluntary activities.


All necessary training is provided, enabling you to excel in your role and acquire vital transferable skills in leadership, listening and communication, creativity and problem solving.

Through being a project leader for Phab I’ve improved my organisational and planning skills. I have also gained some fantastic friends, both fellow volunteers and members of Phab. (Claire Lee, Phab)


Volunteering is an excellent way to gain insight into some jobs and careers, and for students contemplating careers in the not-for-profit and development sectors, it is an absolute must. There is also the opportunity to lead projects, which will develop really valuable project management and team leadership skills.

Volunteering definitely gave me something different to talk about in interviews, and I know now that I want to teach later in my life. (Phil How, Technology Volunteers)


Volunteering allows you to meet like-minded people with similar interests. It also helps you to release stress, get creative and improve your self-confidence.

"I decided to apply to become a project leader as I really liked the project when I volunteered last year. It was my way of de-stressing, meeting new people and making a new set of friends.” (Aashna Samson, Crafting Happiness)


It's not just about volunteer work, but about having a good time and enjoying yourself.

I think I have gained a lot from my volunteering experience. I found the overall experience very enjoyable. I have felt valued and my confidence has increased. Volunteering at a school gave me the opportunity to get out of the ‘Warwick bubble’ and do something different. (Emily Muir, Student Tutor)

Five ways to wellbeing with volunteering

Connect... with fellow student volunteers and with the local community. Volunteer in a team and take part in the socials organised by your Exec to meet other volunteers.

Be active... From taking part in an environmental project to supporting community or school events, volunteering gives you an opportunity to step outside.

Take notice... Take the time to document and reflect on your volunteering experiences. Volunteering helps you be more aware of the community around you.

Keep learning... Try something new with the one-off projects. Volunteering allows you to challenge yourself, develop skills and gain confidence.

Give... your time, your energy, your kindness to others to better connect with others. Volunteering ticks all these boxes.

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