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Welcome 2023

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A student volunteer leans on a desk to talk to four pupils as aprt of the raising aspiration project

Change your life, change the lives of others

Fariya Maryam"As a student at Warwick, you'll have countless chances to explore, connect, grow, and contribute to a better world. Warwick Volunteers is the perfect place to discover all these opportunities in one place.

From day one with WV as a first-year, I embarked on a transformative journey filled with growth, challenges, and endless opportunities for service and leadership.

WV offers a wide range of volunteering options that help you engage with different communities and adapt to new environments. Whether it's helping out locally, getting involved in national initiatives, or even volunteering online, you can make a real impact with your participation. From improving the local environment by planting trees and flowering bulbs to teaching technology skills to schoolchildren, and from food bank volunteering to working at a local farm that supports children with special educational needs and their families, Warwick Volunteers has you covered no matter what your interests are.

My WV experiences have taught me empathy, resilience, and enhanced my leadership skills. WV is the place to meet amazing people, gain lasting exposure and develop holistically at university like nowhere else.

Warwick Volunteers has an extensive array of opportunities, including student-led initiatives on campus and positions with local and national organisations. And there's always something new happening.

Join us today and discover a role that can transform your life and the lives of others."

Fariya Maryam, 2nd year, Health and Medical Sciences and current Warwick Volunteer

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Two student volunteers fill a wheelbarrow with green waster at the Guys Cliffe projectFrom one-off activities to long term-commitments, environmental projects to technology for older people, we’ve got a project that needs you!

Warwick Volunteers runs a wide range of student-led volunteering opportunities and connects with many community-led volunteering roles both locally and nationally. To browse the full range of options, visit the Warwick Volunteers Portal. You can join any project that interests you right away, sign up to specific volunteering events and log your volunteering hours to work towards a volunteering certificate. Undergraduates can also use these hours in their Warwick Skills Award and HEAR for further recognition of the time and skills they have contributed.

To be the first to hear about new volunteering roles as they’re added, complete your Profile and let us know what types of activity you’re into; we’ll get in touch to let you know when a new role matches your preferences.