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Sustainable Futures: 21st Century Technologies for Health


The first of our 50th international events took place in Singapore on Thursday 19th March 2015. Led by the Science and Technology for Health GRP, this event brought together Warwick and Singapore experts working in the field of healthcare technology to focus on the theme of Sustainable Futures: Twenty-First Century Technologies for Health. It took place at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Singapore. The event was organised by the University of Warwick and supported by colleagues in our local Singapore office.

The University’s Global Research Priorities programme is part of Warwick’s strategy to bring together our major areas of research strength around key global priorities and challenges currently confronting the world. With ten themes in total, the programme supports multi-disciplinary research by offering a platform from which to showcase our world-leading research, and a forum in which to engage our multiple research users throughout the research process.

The way in which healthcare is delivered around the world is changing. With a shift of focus on to prevention and wellness promotion, this revolution is powered by new and exciting innovations in Healthcare Technology. The combination of Singapore’s outstanding scientific achievements in the fields of science, technology and medicine and a hugely successful knowledge-based economy, as well as Warwick’s strong alumni base, makes the city an ideal location for this event. The talks will focus on three exciting aspects of novel Healthcare Technology for the 21st Century: high-resolution imaging, high tech disease detection and novel health monitoring away from the clinic. Full details of the talks and speakers can be found below. We look forward to this opportunity to engage directly with Singaporean experts and partners with a view to developing mutually beneficial collaborative research relationships.

The event was opened by Warwick’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Sir Nigel Thrift, with a keynote talk by Sir David Lane, followed by brief talks from leading experts depicting some of the cutting-edge research that is being undertaken in this area, as well as opportunities for networking with key contacts in the area.

You can see the agenda and details of the talks below.



08.45: Registration

<moderator: Professor Mohan Balasubramanian, , Pro-Dean (Biomedical Research), University of Warwick>

09.00: Welcome by Professor Tim Jones, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Science, Engineering and Medicine),

University of Warwick


09.15 - 10.15am: Keynote Speaker: Professor Sir David Lane, ‘Sustainable Futures: Twenty-First Century Technologies for Health’

10.30 - 12.15: Strand 1: High Resolution Imaging

 'Microtubule control of cell shape changes in cell migration and differentiation' - Dr Anne Straube, Warwick Medical School (more information >>)

'Shining many lights on the dysregulation of brain iron in neurodegenerative disease' - Dr Joanna Collingwood, School of Engineering (more information >>)

'Big Data Squared: Neuroimaging Genetics' - Professor Thomas Nichols, WMG and Department of Statistics
(more information >>)

Chair: Professor David Townsend, Director, Clinical Imaging Research Centre, Singapore


13.15 - 14.45: Strand 2: High Tech Disease Platforms

'Inhibiting and Detecting Pathogens with Nanoscience' - Dr Matt Gibson, Department of Chemistry (more information >>)Cells

‘Non-invasive disease diagnosis by replicating human olfaction’ - Dr James Covington, School of Engineering (more information >>)

'Clinical trial design for the 21st century' - Professor Nick James, Warwick Medical School (more information >>)

Chair: Prof Subbu Venkatraman, Director, NTU-Northwestern Nanomedicine Institute, Nanyang Technological Institute

15.00 - 16.15: Strand 3: Novel Health Monitoring

'Empowering cancer patients to take control of their care' - Professor Annie Young, Warwick Medical School
(more information >>)

'Unobtrusive monitoring and wearable technology' - Professor Christopher James, School of Engineering (more information >>)

Chair: Dr Kevin Yap, Department of Pharmacy, National University of SIngapore.

 16.15 - 17.30: Closing Remarks by Professor Mohan Balasubramanian, Pro-Dean (Biomedical Research), University of Warwick

Networking and event close