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Almost an Android

Communicating through the power of thought:an introduction to brain-computer interfacing
This talk is aimed at families and is suitable for children aged 7+
Date: Sat 17th Oct
Time: 3.30pm-4.30pm
Format: Talk
Location: Woods-Scawen, Warwick Arts Centre
Price: Free
The brain is a powerful organ – it keeps us alive, thinking, dreaming, doing. Is it possible to tap into the brain? Can we read your brain waves? By tuning into the brain, and by asking the right set of questions, we can get people to communicate and we can even get them to operate a light switch through a computer! It's called Brain-Computer Interfacing. Don’t believe it? Come and have a look and learn!

Session leader

CJChristopher James
Christopher James was born in Malta, between 2010-2013 he was appointed Professor of Healthcare Technology and was founding Director of the Institute of Digital Healthcare at the University of Warwick, UK. He now has a chair in Biomedical Engineering and is Director of Warwick Engineering in Biomedicine at the University of Warwick.

He is joint lead of the Science and Technology for Health GRP. Professor James is a biomedical engineer and his research activity centers on the development of biomedical signal and pattern processing techniques, as well as the use of technological innovations, for use in advancing healthcare and promoting wellbeing. Neural Engineering forms a large part of his work, as to date his work has concentrated on the development of advanced processing techniques applied to the analysis of the electromagnetic activity of the human brain, primarily in Brain-Computer Interfacing.

His work also involves the use of activity monitoring from predominantly wearable devices for inferring behavior in patients with chronic conditions, mental health problems and promoting independence in the elderly. Prof James has published over 160 papers in neural engineering in varied biomedical engineering journals and refereed conferences. In 2012 he was awarded the IET Sir Monty Finniston Achievement Award, and in 2013 IEEE Members’ Geographical Award for his work in the Biomedical Engineering field. He is active as series-editor, associate editor in many BME journals and he is founding Editor-in-Chief of the IET journal Healthcare Technology Letters.