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Pinch too Far? The Science behind Low-Salt Cuisine

Date: Sat 17th Oct
Time: 11.45am-12.45pm
Format: Cookery Demonstration
Location: Studio, Warwick Arts Centre
Price: £15 (£6.50 Students)
As an adult you need less than 1g of salt a day but as a nation we are, on average, consuming eight times this amount!
Join award-winning chef and the BBC's ‘The Great British Menu’ participant Stephanie Moon and Warwick's Professor Franco Cappuccio for this unique collaboration as they explore why salt can be bad for our health and demonstrate just how delicious meals are with no added salt.

Demonstration leaders

Stephanie Moon
Stephanie Moon is a professional chef consultant as well as chef tutor at Leeds City College. Following a successful career as executive chef at Rudding Park, where she maintained two rosettes in the Clocktower Restaurant for over eight years, Stephanie embarked on a new venture as chef consultant for All Things Food, where she advises Rudding Park and various other catering outlets on food standards and developing new and exciting menus.

Stephanie is a recognised figure on the Yorkshire food scene and has many accolades to her name including Yorkshire Life magazine ‘Chef of the Year’, Deliciously Yorkshire Champion, and most recently a Bronze medal in the National 2010 British Culinary Federation 'Chef of the Year' Competition.

  stephanie moon 

Franco Cappuccio

• Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine & Epidemiology, University of Warwick
• Consultant Cardiovascular Physician, University Hospitals, Coventry
• Director of the European Society of Hypertension Centre of Excellence
• Head of the World Organization Collaborating Centre for Nutrition
• Member of the World Health Organization Expert Advisory Panel on Nutrition, Geneva
• Technical Advisor to the World Health Organization (HQ, Geneva; Region for Europe, Copenhagen; EMRO Region, Cairo; PAHO/WHO, Washington)