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What happens if members of staff break the Covid-19 rules?

The University has clearly communicated the measures that are in place to keep our community safe, and the expected behaviours. Staff and students are expected to follow these and the Government’s Covid-19 guidance and laws.

The University is committed to keeping staff and students informed and educated on the measures required to keep individuals and the wider community safe. Guidance is shared with staff in a number of accessible locations: online via the Insite web portal and inbox insite e-newsletters, on clear signage and digital screens across campus.

We acknowledge that individuals’ personal circumstances may mean, by exception, that they cannot follow requirements and we provide guidance and support on this.

Where we see others behaving inappropriately and contrary to guidance, we will raise concerns directly with those people in an open, constructive, and polite manner. We expect that it will be possible to deal with most issues with a reminder to follow policies and guidance.

If concerns remain about staff breaches of guidance, this can be raised with HR at the confidential email address

What happens if a member of staff breaks the rules?

Any member of staff who wilfully or repeatedly fails to adhere to the University’s expected behaviours in relation to Covid-19 safe measures or the Government’s Covid-19 guidance and laws will be putting our community at risk and will therefore be subject to the University’s staff disciplinary process which may lead to disciplinary action. Members of staff who breach the law will be reported as appropriate to the Police, Public Health or Border Agency for breaching Covid-19 Regulations.