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Community responsibilities

Our three responsibilities

At Warwick we’re part of a community that cares about one another. We place emphasis on everyone's personal responsibility to behave in a way that protects each other from Covid-19 - keeping our wider community safe.

We have a range of safety measures on campus to reduce the risks of Covid-19. Some of these go over and above the UK Government’s requirements, but we’re using them with the safety and wellbeing of our community at the forefront of our minds.

All staff and students can - and should - play their part. Three responsibilities embody this approach, and we ask everyone to commit to them.

1) Behave in a Covid-19 secure manner

Stay informed on the latest UK Government Covid-19 guidance, and the latest University guidance, and act responsibly on campus and in our local communities.

Abide by the University's requirements on face coverings, regular Covid-19 testing, hand washing/sanitisation, respiratory hygiene and on self-isolation.

2) Act swiftly on Covid-19 symptoms

Follow NHS and University guidance on what to do if you experience Covid-19 symptoms, test positive or if you’re identified as being in contact with someone with Covid-19 – including reporting your test and self-isolating.

3) Actively support one another

Recognise and respect that some individuals may be exempt from our expected behaviours, may feel differently about their personal responsibility, or may not be able to take up Covid vaccinations - for reasons that are not always visible.

If you see anyone behaving contrary to guidance, you can talk to them about what makes them feel comfortable and how you can help, and raise your concerns in a constructive and sensitive manner – for example saying ‘please respect my space’. Alternatively raise your concerns with a member of staff, line manager or HR.

Support our Community Safety staff to keep our campus safe by sharing your name and staff/student number, if requested.

Please note

Wilfully and repeatedly breaching University requirements is an act of misconduct and may result in disciplinary action, as identified in our disciplinary framework for students and for staff.

Keep up to date on the latest guidance on our stay safe pages.

You can use the University’s lateral flow testing service if you’re asymptomatic.

You can use the University’s dedicated PCR Test and Trace service if you have Covid-19 symptoms.

Find out more about vaccinations