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How to stay connected

Ways to stay connected

Find new ways to connect with people at Warwick, and useful apps to connect with friends and family.

Library Online Lounge (LOL!)

The Library Online Lounge (LOL!) Microsoft Teams group offers you the opportunity to chat to other students, access support materials and get to know the team here at the library.

Our Library Online Lounge Platform will be monitored throughout so drop in for a chat with us or one of your peers.

You can ask us questions about the library or the team.

Global Connections Club at Warwick

This will help you to meet up with Warwick students from around the world using Microsoft Teams.

A great way to stay connected, have fresh conversations with new people, and (for non-native English speakers in particular) an excellent opportunity to practice conversational English.

There are organised online events and icebreakers as well as opportunities for you to organise activities for yourselves - so if you fancy linking-up for a self-isolation midnight feast then you can get together and do it!


Do you know all these apps yet?

  • Zoom – A video call platform, suitable for social meetings with friends and family.
  • WhatsApp – A video call platform, suitable for those with no broadband and mobile data only with a maximum of 4 participants at a time
  • Disclosure - free live stream performance
  • Togetherall – a 24/7 online community, which enables you to stay connected with people across the world.

Conversation starters

Running out of things to talk about?

Here are a few conversation starters to get to know your friends better.

Just want company?

Don’t feel like talking, but still want some company? Try having a virtual movie night, where you all start the same film or box set at the same time.

Netflix even offers a service – Netflix Party – that sets it all up for you. You’ll all need to join (it’s free if you have Netflix) and then watch in Chrome Browser instead of on an app. Pass the popcorn!