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Andrew Davies

Professor Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies is an award winning screenwriter and author, famous for his excellent adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Bleak House and Little Dorrit.

He has also adapted a variety of classic novels including Pride and Prejudice, Middlemarch and Doctor Zhivago. His first television play, Who’s Going To Take On Me? was broadcast in 1965, since then he has written high quality material for television and cinema. He has also written a collection of short stories, novels and stage plays.

His awards include an Emmy, several BAFTA awards, three Writers Guild awards, three Broadcasting Press awards, and a Monte Carlo Television Festival award. He was made a fellow of BAFTA in 2002.

Andrew has a strong connection to The University, first teaching English here in 1971 until 1986. His BAFTA-winning TV series, A Very Peculiar Practice, is inspired by his time at The University of Warwick. He was also awarded an honorary degree from Warwick in 2004

He is currently living a few miles away in neighbouring town, Kenilworth.