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Dickens' Adaptations

With the recent BBC adaptations of Great Expectations and The Mystery of Edwin Drood airing to acclaimed success and the anticipated release of a new film version of Great Expectations, staring Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Haversham, we are asking what is your favourite Charles Dickens adaptation?

In our Adapting Dickens article, Adrian Wootton explores why Dickens' work lends itself so well to cinematic adaptation and believes the 1947 version of Great Expectations is hard to beat as the best cinematic re-make of any of Charles Dickens' works:

David Lean’s film is widely regarded as one of, if not the best adaptation of a Dickens novel ever to be realised and it confirmed him as one of the great British Filmmakers. Its critical reception at the time of release thorough to the present day has been universally positive, it has remained consistently popular with the public and remained an inspiration to scriptwriters and directors. It is my favourite Dickens film adaptation and one of my favourite films of all time!

Adrian Wootton

How do you think adaptations affect our understanding of Dickens’ work and which is your favourite adaptation?