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Dr Pablo Mukherjee

Pablo MukherjeeDr. Pablo Mukherjee is a Reader in English and Comparative Literature at The University of Warwick. He researches and supervises in the following areas: Victorian to contemporary imperial/colonial and anti-imperial/colonial cultures; Postcolonial theory and literatures; Crime Fiction; Travel Writing; Environmental/ Eco theory and literatures; Science Fiction; Comparative and World Literary Systems.

He is the author of Crime and Empire: Representing India in the Nineteenth-Century (OUP: Oxford, 2003) and Postcolonial Environments: Nature, Culture and Contemporary Indian Novel in English (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010).

Dr. Mukherjee is currently finishing the monograph Natural Disasters and Victorian Empire: Fevers and Famines (Palgrave: 2013). Additionally, alongside colleagues at the Warwick Research collective, he is working on a project entitled ‘Third-World Aesthetics and World Literary Systems’.

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