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Cast and Crew

Main Cast

kate.pngAntigone: Kate Whitehouse.
I've been in the Classics play for the past 2 years (last year as the owner of as rather large comedy phallus) and so here we are again. I was incredibly grateful to the casting crew for - unexpectedly - making me the lead but rehearsals have been going well, the cast are all fab and massive shout out to the incredibly talented director for pushing me to connect with my inner 'woman on the edge'. Antigone is a highly complex and emotional character and I hope to go some way in doing her justice.

ismeneIsmene: Tunrayo Olaoshun

I’m a second year Ancient History with a year abroad student. I’ve really enjoyed the process so far, and I love the character development because I’m used to playing much more feisty characters than Ismene, so I feel like I’m really exploring new parts of my acting ability! Outside of Classics, I’m heavily involved with music theatre, both on the stage and in the bands with my double bass, but the Classics play is a high point of my year and one particularly close to my heart.

charlieCreon: Charlie Cooper

I am greatly looking forward to performing in my first proper play as a Warwick student, in my first leading role. As a fan of Greek Tragedy, I have enjoyed the process of creating the character of Creon with the director and bringing him to life.

ramyaChorus Leader: Ramya Jegatheesan

I am an English Literature Postgraduate Student. I have studied Antigone since secondary school and have won Classics awards for my work on it and other Classical texts. I have been acting for more than ten years now, both on TV and onstage. I perform in both English and other languages. I pursue theatre academically, professionally and for pleasure. This is my first production at Warwick University.x

jennySentry: Jenny Benton

Hi, I am a first year student at Warwick, and so far I am highly enjoying my time here! I studied Antigone at A level, and so I was thrilled to get the role of the sentry. The rehearsal process has been great fun, and the play as a whole is one of the parts about Classics and the society that I love the most. We’ve all put a lot of hard work in, and I hope that you all enjoy the play!

frankieChorus Leader: Frankie Ward

Hi, I am a first year student at Warwick, and so far I am highly enjoying my time here! I studied Antigone at A level, and so I was thrilled to get the role of the sentry. The rehearsal process has been great fun, and the play as a whole is one of the parts about Classics and the society that I love the most. We’ve all put a lot of hard work in, and I hope that you all enjoy the play!

chloeChorus Leader: Chloe Clews

I am a second year Ancient History and Classical Archaeology student and I have previously been in a number of Classical plays during my time at a performing arts college, and performing as part of the Birmingham Rep Youth Theatre. Having studied Antigone at A level I was incredibly excited to discover that it was this year’s play. I’ve loved every second of the audition and rehearsal process so far, having had a tonne of fun, which is always guaranteed with the Classics society and taking part in the annual Classics play.

vijayHaemon: Vijay Hare

I first got into drama through my lifelong quest to seek attention from my peers. This production seemed a brilliant way to do this, as well as a great alternative to doing any real work. I once overenthusiastically waved a spear about in a school production of The Bacchae, and I hope that playing hormonal Haemon tonight will help me go out with a bang! The last time I did a Warwick Classics play, I wore a tank-top and denim miniskirt, and danced around while rapping about being a woman. Still can't remember how they talked me into that one…

hollyTiresias: Holly Cowan

Before beginning university in October I’d previously been involved in various performances with Brighton Theatre Group and my sixth form college, where I studied drama at A-Level before turning my attention to Classics. Being a part of Antigone with the Classics society has been great, and I’m honored to have been given the part of such an interesting character. The opportunity to incorporate drama with Classics was one of the main things that drew me to the society and has been a fantastic experience.

emmaMessenger: Emma Johnson

My name is Emma and I'm a third year Classical Civilisation student at Warwick. In my first year, I took a main role in the Classics play and then, in my second year, I was the play director. This year I wanted to remain involved in what is one of my favourite experiences of my time at university. Ancient Greek theatre is one of my most enjoyable topics and the play has given me numerous opportunities to experience it in practice.

belleEurydice: Belle Livingstone

I'm a 2nd year Classics student at Warwick. I performed in multiple musicals and productions during my time at school, and have always loved the thrill of the stage, but this is my first fore into drama at Warwick. I've loved getting involved in Antigone, from the early learning of lines to the last minute rehearsals, and can't wait to perform this evening. Thanks to Ed and his crew for creating such a brilliant production and inspiring the cast!

rabulMessenger: Rahul Bagchi

Hailing from nearby Birmingham, I studied at King Edward’s School. Through my further studies, I found an interest in Classical drama (with special interest in Aristophanes, because he’s a ten year old at heart). After a glittering acting career at primary school, I trod not the boards during my time at King Edward’s School but have recently rediscovered the joy of acting. In my spare time, you may catch me in either of my two hobbies, reading or sleeping.


Chloe Clews, Leo Crozier, Jesse Chambers, Matt Trapp, Frankie Ward, Hannah Thorpe, Ascha Martin, Rosie Mullen, Yifei Painter, Harvey Aungles, Meg Christmas, Belle Casbarra, Ramya Jegatheesan, Chloe Highton, Jivan Kandola.

chorus 1

chorus b

Crew Members

ellenAssistant Director: Ellen Rodda

My name is Ellen and I am the Assistant Director of this fabulous production. From the auditions right through to the dress rehearsals, the cast have amazed us with how consistently brilliant and creative they have been. They took to Ed's creative ideas like ducks to water and, as a Directorate, we could not be more proud of them! Two moments that stand out for me throughout this process would have to be the creating and making of the Antigone trailer and then transferring our show from rehearsal room to stage. The former required Grace, Ed, Kate and myself to stand in the middle of a freezing cold field whilst we gathered "aesthetic shots" of Kate, but it was totally worth it for what it ended up being. The latter is always exciting and slightly nerve-wracking for any production team, but the cast just went with it and, as a result, have completely filled the stage with drama, atmosphere and poise. My thanks go out to everyone involved in this production, but particularly to Ed and Grace for being such wonderful team mates; we did it and we hope you enjoy the show!

Publicity and Stage Manager: Grace Walsh

graceMy name is Grace and I organize the publicity for the play, and oversee the stage crew for Antigone 2017. My main role throughout the process has been to ensure that the production receives the attention that it deserves. Creating the publicity materials, from the logo to the cast head-shots has been an amazing experience. Within the first few weeks of gaining our positions, the directorate worked out the key themes and angles that “Antigone” would be taking. We had the script and from that moment, the production started to grow into the new and intensely dynamic interpretation of the classic that we have today. The cast and crew have worked so hard to ensure that these ideas are produced to the highest standard and it has been so rewarding to see them come to life on stage. We hope that you enjoy the performance as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

Translation: Clive Letchford.

Make up and costume: Amelia Voss, Beth Djora, Clare Mahon, Lizzy Wu, Zoë Baker, Milly Last, Lucky Kitcher.

Lighting: Benji Levine.

Audio and Sound: Jack Ramplin.

Set Design: Emmanuela Bakola.

With thanks to.....

The Warwick Classics department and the Warwick Classics Society would like to extend a special thank you to Clive Letchford for his original translation of Antigone. Thanks are also extended to the Warwick Impact Fund for their dedication to the project, which has ensured the performance could reach its full potential. For the third year running, we are thankful to the Warwick Arts Centre for the most ideal performance space.