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Inscriptions: Image | Text | Sound

Curated by Nick Lawrence

University of Warwick Library
April 20-May 2, 2018

Peter Larkin
Howard Skempton
Simon Lewty

Poet Peter Larkin, composer Howard Skempton and visual artist Simon Lewty, all born in the 1940s, have lived and worked in the vicinity of the University of Warwick for decades. Although a web of correspondences links their compositions across different media, and although Larkin and Lewty have collaborated extensively in the past, no occasion so far has brought their work into common dialogue. This exhibit includes samples of Larkin’s poetry, Skempton’s music manuscripts and Lewty’s notebooks and graphic work as a means of highlighting the resonances and connections arising from a shared commitment to exploring the fundamentals of artistic process and expression. To acknowledge the auditory as well as visual dimension of these connections, the exhibit also features access to recordings of work by all three artists.