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10.00–10.15: Introduction: Emma Mason

10.15–10.30 Peter Larkin: reading one

11.00–11.15 Questions and discussion
11.15–11.45 Tea/coffee break
11.45–12.15 Panel 1: Phenomenology and PoeticsDr Eoghan Walls (Lancaster): ‘Leaves of Field as a Phenomenological Text’Dr Cleo Hanaway-Oakley (Oxford): ‘“Horizoning by non-invasive extraction”: Reading Phenomenologically’Dr Anne Elvey (Monash; paper read by Professor Kate Rigby, Bath Spa): ‘Trees deep incarnation: the scarcity gift of Peter Larkin’s ‘praying // \\ firs’
12.15–13.00 Questions and discussion
13.00–14.00 Lunch
 14.00–14.15 Peter Larkin: reading two
 14.15-14.45 KEYNOTE II: DR NICK LAWRENCE, ‘Inflection Points: The New Enclosures’
14.45–15.00 Questions and discussion
15.00–15.30 Tea/coffee break
15.30–16.00 Panel II: Poetry and poeticsDr Harriet Tarlo (Sheffield Hallam): ‘“unbrokenly tenuous, or tenacious”: pressured connections in Peter Larkin’Ian Heames (Face Press Books)Dr Jonathan Skinner (Warwick): ‘Plantations, Imparkments, Traps: Larkin’s nearby walks’
16.00–16.45 Questions and discussion
16.45–17.00 Short break

17.00–17.20: Peter Larkin: reading three
17.30 Close