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Poetry Publication and Exhibitions


As part of the research and public engagement project 'Hiding in the Pub to Cutting the Cord? Fatherhood and Childbirth in Britain, from the 1950s to the present', we were delighted to work with Nine Arches Press to produce a booklet of poems by fathers. We ran two workshops for fathers, at the University of Warwick on 29th March and at the 'Dads Aloud' playgroup at Warwick Children's Centre on 31st March. These sessions encouraged fathers to reflect on the process of becoming a father, and were lead by Matt Nunn of Nine Arches Press.

Cover (PDF Document) Download a copy of the booklet.

The poetry produced was fantastic, and the booklet was published in June 2012. The poetry was also featured in exhibitions at Warwick Arts Centre, accompanying performances of 'Our Fathers' on 12th and 13th June, and at the Coventry Mysteries Arts Festival on Saturday 16th June. At Coventry Mysteries, we also held a children's craft activity, where kids could come along and make their own Father's Day card for free, and we hosted a lunchtime poetry reading with ten of the poets. Babakas also came along to perform a short extract of Our Fathers.






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