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Mother of one (born 2000s), from North-West England

Very scary initially. Induced due to hyperemesis, partner sent home at 8pm and told it would be 24 hours before any progress. At around 11pm the midwife came to check on me, progress not as expected so another pesserie inserted and I was told they would check on me later on but to try and get as much rest as possible. I had a headache so was given some paracetamol and tried to get off to sleep. Within 10 minutes I started to feel contractions starting but they were bearable so didn't call for assistance, nobody was about anyway. Within 30 minutes the pain was intense, with no other person in my ward I did everything I could to get through the pain thinking a midwife would be in shortly, being my first child it was all a shock plus I wasn't on top form because of the hyperemesis, it felt like another hour passed with continual pain, I was disorientated and finally a midwife came to check on me, panicked and called for help - I was checked over and they checked baby and couldn't get a good heartbeat so said it would be surgery, then they checked the dillation, over 8cms so it was straight into labour room as baby was on its way. Panick and confussion, phoned for my partner to get back to hospital within 50 mins my son was born. During the birth the care was great but then after it slipped down again, lack of information, delays in getting doctor to assess me - five days later I discharged myself - not the best experience.