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Charlotte, mother of one (born 2009), hometown Middlesborough

I was 2 weeks overdue, and was taken in to be induced. Although I had 2 doses of the pill, nothing happened, so at 11pm (we had been there since 9am) my partner was sent home to let me try to sleep, the registrar refused to let me go home. At midnight I started getting backache, and over the next few hours they let me have baths, gas, paracetamol to relieve the pain. However my daugter's heart rate was doing something they weren't happy with (they didn't explain) so I had to be connected to the monitors at all time so couldn't move about - so the pain was very bad especially as it was all in my lower back. I told them to leave my partner at home to sleep as long as possible - but at about 5am they decided to break my waters to get things going so he was called in and arrived around 6am just in time for the waters breaking. They moved me into a delivery suite where I was giving more drugs to help along the birth, and more painkillers (can't remember what) which mostly knocked me out on and off over the next few hours, and Brian slept in a chair. At 11am when they decided I was in full labour they gave me an epidural and catheterised me (I wasn't allowed to get up throughout any of this). The next few hours were quite dull, and mostly all i can remember is that I wasn't allowed to eat or drink in case I needed to go to surgery. Sometime in the middle of the afternoon they once again got concerned about my daughters heartrate and it was dropping after a contraction, many doctors came and went to look at the results - including the most senior doctor in maternity. They took blood samples from the top of her head to check her oxygen levels in her blood, which came back okay. However at about 6pm they took the decision maybe we should just try to get her out. So after only a few minutes of pushing, and with forceps, and i was cut, she came out. Turning out that she had a short umbilical cord, so she was having trouble pulling herself down after a contraction. I started bleeding heavily (from the cut) and passed out and had to be revived by an emergency team coming in. My partner - who had said he was not going to look at anything of the birth - watched everything very closely and stood next to the doctor throughout.