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Mother of one (born in 2010s), from Midlands

About four weeks before my due date I was told that I had excess fluid so I had to be induced. I was induced two days before my due date at 12pm. By 6pm my labour was progressing rapidly and I was moved to a delivery suite with my husband and my mum as my birth partners. After 42 hours of labour and progressing no further than 6 cms dilated, the doctors finally decided I need to go for an emergency c-section. It was a gruelling and frightening experience, as soon as I agreed to a c-section, we were whipped off to theatre and my mum was unceremoniously thrown out of the delivery suite. That was very upsetting, after all that time labouring with me, she was treated very badly by the staff and only managed to see my little boy because I begged the midwife to let her sneak a peek as they wheeled him to the baby unit to get checked over.

My husband was there for the whole thing, he seemed very shellshocked and was exhausted. I am grateful that my c-section was at 9am in the morning so at least I had all day with my husband there. They are thrown off the ward at 8pm and I would have found that difficult if I had given birth later in the day.